Locust Projects invites local, national, and international artists to apply for the opportunity to propose ambitious multi-layered digital projects that respond to the hybridity and flexibility of Locust Projects’ physical space and various presenting platforms from onsite, galleries, interior or exterior surfaces, on screens, or online.

These projects can be new proposals, current works-in-progress, or existing works that need support for their evolution or next iteration.

Proposals are reviewed by a rotating panel comprised of local, national and international artists known for working with digital technologies. Locust Projects provides selected artists with curatorial guidance, production budget, artist W.A.G.E. fee, documentation, and a live/work residency opportunity.Fees and production budgets to be determined based upon the final presentation space/format. As a W.A.G.E. certified organization we maintain minimums or above fee standards.


The 2024 Digital Commissions Open Call is open through February 5th, 2024 Extended to March 3rd. 

Late submissions will not be accepted. (Please allow time for possible technical difficulties by submitting well before the deadline.)

Please direct questions to submissions@locustprojects.org. 


  1. Project description (max. 500 words)
  2. Drafted /rendering of proposed project
  3. General artist statement (max. 250 words)
  4. Project Impact – Explain how your project embraces experimentation and innovation at the intersections of art and technology,  and is relevant to current artistic practice. (Max 350 words)
  5. Describe any programming or activations that might happen during the course of your project
  6. Production Budget – provide an overview of approximate expenses for any that apply (see description of Production Budget* below)
  7. CV or Resume
  8. Link to website or past online-based projects
  9. Up to five images or links of previous/related work that help illustrate the proposed idea
  10. Image details (title, date, year medium of the submitted work and/or links)  Please be sure to include passwords if videos are private.


For 25 years Locust Projects has been committed to supporting the creation and presentation of ambitious new work. Guided by our commitment to experimentation and our Knight Digital Innovation Initiative’s focus on innovation at the intersections of art and technology, the Digital Commissions Open Call embraces both emerging artists working in technology-based practices and established artists seeking to expand their practice in digital media including code-based and AI generated art.

Locust Projects is seeking proposals from artists to help realize new, existing works in progress, or support the next major public presentation stage of multi-layered digital projects. Proposals can be submitted for any physical space at Locust Projects, including (but not limited to) the project room, building interior, building exterior, our Digital Innovation Lab or screen-based and online interactive works. Proposals can be presented as an exhibition, metaverse, performance, or a series of activations (in-person or online) as long as the project stays within given budget parameters. Final projects are realized with support from a collaborative environment and supportive Locust Projects staff.


  • Realization of ambitious multi-layered digital projects whether new, existing works in progress, or even the future evolution of a previous project
  • Community engagement with the public through public programs or activations (i.e. conversation, metaverse activation, performance, or a series of activations (in-person or online)
  • an in-depth interview on the Locust Projects Closer Look blog https://www.locustprojectscloserlook.org/
  • Opportunity to participate in the Locust Projects studio residency the possibility of a live/work opportunity for the duration of up to 6 months.


Fees and production budgets to be determined based upon the final presentation space/format. As a W.A.G.E. certified organization we maintain minimums or above fee standards.

  • Production Budget Ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 (may include but is not limited to: production/fabrication, equipment and technology rental, materials, professional/technical support, installation/construction labor, assistants, shipping, de-installation) Final budget determined based upon dates, proposal scope and scale of project.
  • Artist Fee. Ranges from $500 to $3,100 depending on space, scope and scale following W.A.G.E. standards. Artists may use the Artist Fee at their discretion.
  • Basic infrastructure provided by Locust Projects includes access to use existing tool and av equipment inventory, up to 24 hours preparator labor/assistance for install/de-install, signage, installation documentation, and promotional support.
  • Accommodations, travel and per diem are provided to out of town artists. Includes $50 per diem stipend for out-of-town artists # of days to be determined; and stipend towards roundtrip, coach-class flights or car rental equivalent, and ground transport to and from airport with receipts available to artists that live 150 miles away from Miami (above and beyond travel expenses are applied to production budget) as well as temporary studio work space at Locust Projects and accommodations for up to six months in the Locust Projects residence.


Proposals are reviewed by a rotating panel of artists and professionals with a background working in art + technology. The following criteria will be used during the review process:

  • Conceptual strength of the proposal, ambitious ideas, scale and/or use of technology and digital innovation within the proposal.
  • Strength of past work
  • Unique or innovative approach to transforming or activating LP’s space and /or the use of technology as a source of production and extension of the artist’s practice
  • Feasibility of proposed project and related programs within budget and logistical concerns, ADA accessibility required (if applicable)
  • Compelling and innovative approach to contemporary artistic practice, societal concerns, and/or community impact

Locust Projects is proud to be W.A.G.E. Certified (Working Artists in the Greater Economy), ensuring that we have and we will continue to compensate artists fairly, at, or above, minimum W.A.G.E. fees For more information on W.A.G.E. certification, click here.

Link: https://www.locustprojects.org/for-artists/submissions/2024-digital-commissions-open-call.html