2086: Together How?

Soik Jung (game system), Kyong Park (texts), Jaekyung Jung (videos and AI characterizations), Design: Sunhee YangOur LabourKim YuranHan DabinZAVA (lighting and engineering)

The central installation of the exhibition of 2086: Together How? in the Korean Pavilion at the 18th International Venice Architecture Biennale, is The Game of Together How. It invites the players the opportunity of participate the climate endgame by offering three choices from 14 questions spoken by 14 fictional characters that represents future organizations. The questions were generated from a collection of dialectics in the Idea of Progress since 1492 that founded the climate endgame. Player’s choices collected throughout the length of the exhibition, to track seven key barometers of our climate endgame from 2023 to 2086. Perhaps it can tell us if human race would survive or perish. The characters, questions, choices and resulting data are all recorded and illustrated on korean-pavilion.or.kr.

The scores resulting from the participating players at the Korean pavilion has been too optimistic and overwhelming friendly to nature. From 2023 to 2062, all data became immediately positive. The global temperature has declined to just 0.0013 Celsius above the level when the use of fossil energy began. Sea level lowered (10cm to 3.86cm), ground water more plentiful (67.42% to 76.89%), and migration increased only 1.5 million people in four decades, and CO2 declined (422.47ppm to 393.81). Only GINI coefficient behaved more real (0.66 to 0.715). Its apparent that the choices the players made were of their wishes than their ability to make the climate better.

I began to make an alternative data, combining the data from players with experts’ predictions, and some artistic freedom applied. It is explained by written annual reports that builds a future history of the climate end game.

Here are some excerpts from my annual report of the game.

“The environment devastation of today is accumulated effect from the history of Western colonialism.”

“When will the competitions transition into cooperation, within increasingly nomadic, transformative, and confrontational environment of the climate endgame?”

“Tensions are mounting, as the nations of larger economy are playing multi-polar but unilateral alliances to construct Climate Empires for the environmental wars to come.”

“The theory about Neo-Holocene is the latest topic of debate, as nature is once again becoming wild and stronger than us, as it was before.”

“Like the deniers of the Covid-19, there is now the rise of the deniers of GTR (Global Temperature Rise), commonly known as TAnons. Ever since Donald Trump’s third term in the White House, they form the core of ultra-nationalist domestic terrorist in America.”

“The paramilitary forces to protect the Z Corporation has grown to more than 1.24 million personnel, with the budget that rivals once incomparable Pentagon, Felon Musk has throned himself as the world’s first “digital warlord.”

“The PBN (Pay Back Now) movement to reclaim their land, labor, and capital lost under imperial colonialism argues that if the generational wealth was allowed, then generational debt was equally justified.”

“The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Rushdie claims that petroleum is not responsible for the “global heating” but rather that the people who used them are.”

After having one of the lowest national fertility rates in the world for decades, South Korea now promotes de-population. The concept is to pursue a better life rather than a wealthier one.

Their movement across border is to reclaim centuries of exploitation of their land, labor, and capital, an act of pollical and economic justice.

According to the Global Association of Insurance Companies, “the world is marching rapidly towards an uninsurable future” in an unsustainable future.

A new AI game called “The Third Future” is bringing people together to compete and collaborate on the making of different possible futures for the humanity.

To be continued to 2086