Bauhaus Cabinets 2023

In the context of this year’s thematic interest in the human body at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Bauhaus Study Rooms 2023 focuses on the topic of performativity as an integral component of design processes and design activities. The two-day mini-festival run by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in collaboration with the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and the Matters of Activity Cluster of Excellence at the Humboldt University of Berlin explores – in various formats and educational environments – performative methods in design. Design is seen as a reciprocal process and bodily activity. In keynote speeches and roundtable discussions, alumni of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s educational programs and other international guests discuss issues of co-creation and co-production, as well as the importance of embodied knowledge for design practices. Complemented by performance exercises, guided tours and experimental workshops, participants explore the extent to which performative methods contribute to new approaches that advance design as a field encompassing the heterogeneous potential of socially inclusive and environmentally equitable cultural practice.

The event will take place on site at the Bauhaus Dessau Building, TA T Berlin and Matters of Activity Zentrallabor Berlin. For a detailed schedule and more information, see Here or send an e-mail to the address offices (at)

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