Edward Furlong admits he couldn’t make Terminator: Dark Fate because of heroin

Edward Furlong admits he couldn't make Terminator: Dark Fate because of heroin
Edward Furlong admits he couldn’t make Terminator: Dark Fate because of heroin

Terminator 2: Judgment Day star, Edward Furlong, has always been quite vocal about his desire to return to the series that made him a household name in the 1990s and launched a career in acting alongside several big Hollywood names. But the actor’s reputation and personal life have been tarnished over the years by drug controversies – a factor that has severely limited the types of roles he has been offered.

When james cameron he said excitedly Terminator fans On SDCC 2019 what Edward Furlong would be back as John Connor for Terminator: Dark Fatethe news spread around the internet like wildfire, but rumors were already circulating that John Connor would be removed at the very beginning of the film.

IN Reddit AMA (Ask me anything) Tim Miller was asked to explain the role of John Connor. The director stated:

“All I will say is that John is in the film… in a very interesting way. I don’t want to give away, I can’t give away what he’s like in the movie or what’s going on because, you know, you have to come to the theater for some reason, right?

Tim Miller

While Eddie doesn’t seem to be at the right time to return to his legendary role as human resistance leader John Connor, as he was asked to return for just one day of filming (to capture a face) on terminator 6he said:

“I understood because it was the right thing to do when I first sobered up, so I kind of understood what my life, uh, my life decisions had led me to at that point, so I mean – and I wasn’t really in, in a place, when they did that I could do it- I mean I was… I was busy doing a lot of, um, heroin, you know what I mean?

Edward Furlong told Alex Leyba – transcribed by TheTerminatorFans.com

In 2019, Edward Furlong explained that drugs also played a big part in turning John Connor into Terminator 3: ROTM. stated:

“I was part of the project (T3) and had a very nice deal, but then, to celebrate, I guess, I went out and overdosed on cocaine and kind of ruined it all. BUT…. I learned my lesson and got back on track.”

Edward Furlong

The T2 playing on his feelings after John Connor’s death at the beginning of Terminator: Dark Fate, Edward said:

“Personally, I thought it wasn’t going to end well. I, I kind of thought, you know, like – with the fanbase, because I mean, because I knew Terminator 2 was so big… you know, thing, and, and when they said when they said I was into it and how people came up and they were like ‘oh my god! I’m so glad you’re in the movie! I was like *sucks teeth* ‘Yes… ‘. It was kind of like after all the different John Connors that played it, like, and I screwed up, I brought some… you know, I came back like what I was feeling was rightfully mine, you know what I mean?
So, it was nostalgic, you know, I mean, would I like it if I could be in the new, you know, Terminator, make a whole movie and make more money than I did, and uh, you know, probably still make money…? Yes! I wish it was amazing, it would be really amazing.”

Edward Furlong – Transcribed by TheTerminatorFans.com

On Terminator fans’ reaction to John Connor’s death:

“I knew it was going to be, um, I had a feeling it was going to be uh, it was, it’s going to piss people off. People are so into this character at the end of the movie (T2) it’s like you know a lot of people my age grew up with this character and everything so you know I was kind of like ‘oh my god you’re gonna blow them out of shotgun, 13/14 year old kid, okay, that might be… okay.

Edward Furlong – Transcribed by TheTerminatorFans.com

Terminator: Dark Fate Director Tim Miller On The Decision To Kill John Connor:

“Weirdly, not Jim, not one writer, uh, not Linda, not anyone – but maybe Eddie Furlong had something to say at all, but “Oh yeah, that seems like the right way to do it.‘”

Tim Miller told TIFF

There’s nothing to say if Mr. Furlong had been clean and sober when Terminator: Dark Fate was TBA that it might have made a difference – the studio’s cards were clearly already on the table as long as it wiped the slate clean and reset the franchise to a new and uncertain future, with a more female-centered story that will lead to this pre-planned three-picture arc.

But having said that, sober is better. So it’s a shame we’ll never know.

Do you think Edward Furlong deserves another shot at the John Connor mantle?

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