Master in Algorithmic and Networked Photography in Barcelona

The photographic image has been radically transformed by its recent digital and networked developments. The impact and relevance of photography today lie not only in its representational layer, but beyond the visual surface of the image. Its invisible algorithmic and networked properties turned traditional photography into an assemblage of intertwined apparatuses, agents and media. Contemporary forms of digital images capture, circulation and consumption have been redefining the role of the photographic as an expanded and exciting field of visual culture in constant mutation. From AI generated images and computer-generated imagery to screenshotting, from CGI to Photoshop, from VR to in-game photography, practices of image-making and modes of experiencing visual art have created a vast and rich territory, explored by contemporary artists, photographers, curators, researchers, technologists and designers.

The Master in Algorithmic and Networked Photography offers an uncompromising investigation into the world of chronically digital images and terminally online visual culture. Through a series of lectures and workshops from some of the most relevant and inspiring actors in the field, this one-year master programme combines a sharply curated scholarly foundation with an intense practical education. Creative, conceptual and critical, the programme provides you with theoretical and practical knowledge of post-photography, AI images, networked images, machine vision and synthetic imaging. It invites participants to reflect upon the social, political and economic implications of different technological imaging systems. Simultaneously, the programme encourages you to experiment and create with hardware and software, as well as appropriating and misusing media platforms through artistic and alternative forms of image-making.

Directors: Jon Uriarte and Marco de Mutiis.

Who is this master aimed at
The programme welcomes you from all over the world and aims at fostering an international community of artists, designers, photographers, curators and researchers working within the growing field of digital images. You’ll have access to a global network of outstanding practitioners and thinkers who are involved in the realm of algorithmic and networked visual cultures and actively shape the contemporary image discourse and its practices. The master’s programme strives to develop individuals with a blend of conceptual and technical expertise, equipping them to pursue professional careers in the art and culture sector. The aim of the programme is to cultivate graduates who not only contribute to the cultural landscape but also shape its future.

Access and admission requirements
Art, photography and design graduates. Professionals with experience in the field of media art, photography and film, and interested in contemporary digital and internet culture and art. If you have doubts about whether you would be a good fit for this programme, please submit your request for a case-by-case evaluation.