NETFLIX Terminator anime series rated TV-MA

NETFLIX Terminator anime series rated TV-MA
NETFLIX Terminator anime series rated TV-MA

The Terminator anime series, currently titled “TERMINATOR”, is apparently aiming for TV-MA’s rating by IMDb.

The production is the result of cooperation between Skydance (Terminator Genisys, Terminator: Dark Fate, Top Gun: Maverick) and the Japanese animation studio Production IG (Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion, Ghost In the Shell), with Mattson Tomlin (Mother/Android) acting as writer and showrunner for the project.

What does the TV-MA rating for the Terminator anime actually mean?

TV-MA is one of the classifications created by the TV Parental Guidelines (a television content rating system that was established in the United States in 1997) and is similar to the MPA – Motion Picture Association (formerly MPAA) and the BBFC – British Board of Film Classification ranks US and UK theatrical releases. While ratings have no legal force, they exist to give parents guidance on what their children can/should watch on TV or streaming services like NETFLIX for example.

Wikipedia says:


“This program is specifically designed for adult viewing and may therefore not be suitable for children under the age of 17.

Contains content that may not be suitable for children. This rating was originally TV-M prior to the announced revisions to the ratings system in August 1997, but was changed due to a trademark dispute and to clear confusion with the “M for Adult” rating issued by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) for Video Games.

This rating is rarely used by broadcast networks or local television stations due to FCC program content restrictions, although it is commonly applied to television programs presented on certain cable channels (basic and premium networks) and streaming networks for both mainstream and softcore. Programs with this rating may contain strong, obscene language, explicit sexual activity, and graphic violence.”


Let’s hope the R/adult rating gets boosted in the anime; because more mature content is desperately needed to offer something more substantial than what we’ve seen in the last few additions to the series – and the strong language, graphic violence (and potentially some sexual activity) can please Terminator fans – especially those fans who also have an interest in anime.

Of course, animated violence and bloodshed will never match an action movie, but what will be most important to us (on this site) is a good, solid story.

Although Terminator anime writer and showrunner Mattson Tomlin has sadly lost credit as the author of “The Batman”; Hollywood apparently still believes in the writer, having signed Matt Reeves to script a Robert Pattinson-led sequel (which is due in “less than five years”).
Mr. Tomlin also worked for NETFLIX on the live-action adaptation of Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR comic.

The official release date of Skydance’s “Terminator” has not yet been set.