Only sounds that tremble through us // Soft Services

The MIT List Visual Arts Center is pleased to announce its Spring 2024 exhibition and programming schedule. The galleries feature exhibitions by Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, and Hana Miletić.

Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme: Only sounds that tremble through us
April 4–July 28, 2024
Hayden Gallery

Artist duo Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme undertake long-term research projects that center themes of collectivity, resilience, and memory. Their moving-image works, which often sample found video alongside their own footage, poetry, and pulsating soundscapes, are complicated by a concern with gaps and glitches, products of the artists’ reflexive approach to translating fugitive fragments of sound and image. This exhibition features three bodies of work from the pair’s decade-long project May amnesia never kiss us on the mouth (2010–ongoing) and a recent commission that debuted at the Museum of Modern Art in 2022: Only sounds that tremble through us (2020–22), a three-channel video installation that expands from the artists’ digital video archive of everyday communal song and dance from diverse communities in the Arab world which they collected from social media.

Basel Abbas and Ruanne About-Rahme: Only sounds that tremble through us is organized by Natalie Bell, Curator.

Hana Miletić: Soft Services
April 4–August 4, 2024
Reference Gallery

Since 2015, Hana Miletić has worked almost exclusively with hand-produced textiles, developing several ongoing bodies of work that subtly relate forms of historically undervalued labor (like the “women’s work” of weaving) to other narratives of social and economic struggle. The seemingly abstract forms of her signature Materials series, which the artist weaves on a 1970s-era loom, are in fact textile renditions of temporary repairs to buildings and other objects in urban public spaces. Miletić’s abiding interest in these provisional interventions stems from her belief that such repairs are both “subjective gestures of care” and bellwethers for local issues. Alongside a focused selection of recent works, the List Center exhibition will debut several new Materials pieces that relate to improvements to the List Center building and development in the nearby East Cambridge neighborhood.