Radical Curiosity: In Buckminster Fuller’s Orbit

Radical Curiosity: In orbit Buckminster Fuller offers a journey through the universe of an unclassified researcher and visionary who, throughout the 20th century, predicted many of the major systemic crises that were to come. The creator of fascinating achievements, on the borderline of such fields as architecture, engineering, metaphysics, mathematics and education, Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) developed a way to combine design and science with the revolutionary potential to change the world.

Bucky, as his friends and associates knew him, possessed a comprehensive knowledge, as extensive and exciting as his experiments. Full of leaps of imagination and wisdom, Bucky’s journey of life raised questions about how we can better understand and navigate this extraordinary spaceship he named Earth. Bucky shows us new ways to explore and renew through a range of different projects. At the most basic and material level, he sought to transform models of housing and transportation, while on a much larger scale he conducted collective and networked research and management of our planet’s resources.

His great mission was to find a way to make the world work at 100% capacity for 100% of the population, without any differences or prejudices. Radical Curiosity: In orbit Buckminster looks into Bucky’s world from the global emergency of 2022, a time of great upheaval and uncertainty. Inequality, massive urbanization, extreme geopolitical tensions, ecological crisis are areas where Bucky worked tirelessly to find solutions. Returning to his concerns and strategies, modern researchers are following in his footsteps and applying his ideas to architecture, art and design.

The ArtScience Museum has created a range of educational activities to encourage visitors of all ages to learn, play and interact with Bucky’s key ideas, including Build a playground like Bucky! Dome.

Accompanying Radical Curiosity: In Buckminster Fuller’s Orbit is a series of online lectures that provide insight into the creation of the exhibition and the comprehensive meaning of Buckminster Fuller’s ideas. Speakers will include José Luis de Vicente and Rosa Pera (guest curators Radical Curiosity: In Buckminster Fuller’s Orbit), Charu Kokate (Director and Director of Safdie Architects’ Singapore office) and more.

Co-produced by the ArtScience Museum with Fundación Telefónica in Madrid and guest curators Rosa Pera and José Luis de Vicente.