Terminator 7: Linda Hamilton hopes she’ll never play Sarah Connor again

Terminator 7: Linda Hamilton hopes she'll never play Sarah Connor again
Terminator 7: Linda Hamilton hopes she’ll never play Sarah Connor again

terminator legend, actor Linda Hamilton recently talked WFLA news channel 8 about her current role as General McCallister IN SYF‘S’Alien resident‘, a TV show based on the comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics. Although the topic of the Terminator is never far away, and Linda couldn’t avoid questions about her role as Sarah Connor and how much that iconic role means to her – and the actress states that she hopes it won’t be back again as Sarah Connor.


“So I have to ask you before we go, about Sarah Connor, this role, um, what does she mean to you?”

WFLA news channel 8

“Um, you know she really means… a bit of everything to me, um, because she really represents the bookends of my career. You know, starting as a young actress in the first one in ’84, um, and then ending up with a big ending 35 years later or something like that, so, uh, you know, that, I don’t think I knew the impact of that character after the first movie, you know, would lead to this long, uh, journey, but I’m very proud to have played it. Um, and I also hope I don’t have to play it again (laughs). Please“.

Linda Hamilton

After a box office failure Terminator: Dark Fate Linda Hamilton has already made it clear that she has no interest in reprising her role as Sarah Connor in Terminator 7.

“I don’t feel like continuing. I never did.”

Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton has also blamed “fickle fandom” for Terminator: Dark Fate’s failure at the box office, but has kind of left the door open, saying she might consider more Terminator on one condition…

“Only when there’s something really doable about the script, the story, and the characters, will I ever consider doing it again. Otherwise, it’s just diminishing returns, right?

Linda Hamilton

It’s very likely that Linda signed up terminator 7 as part of her Terminator: Dark Fate contract, Skydance could bring the actress back for another film – but that would mean bringing a reluctant Linda back to the franchise unless they could sway her with a worthwhile story.

Would you like to see Linda Hamilton back in the next Terminator movie?

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