theVOV – Collective Intimacy: Bringing the Show to Life

Showroom is excited to join Season One: Revive the VOV Archive, a new virtual arts ecosystem combining cutting-edge XR technology with pioneering micro-philanthropy, where 15 of Britain’s leading arts organizations will bring some of their most famous exhibitions from the recent past to life. The showroom decided to revive its immersion Collective intimacy making the platform available in a special digital archive format.

This project, originally in collaboration with Prada AND Vinyl Factorywas the host Showroom AND X store in October – November 2019, launching as part of the Black Image Corporation installation at Theater Gates. He has traveled through many narratives of current black experiences, offering futuristic imaginings as starting points for collaboration. The program featured artists, musicians, designers, writers, thinkers, collectives and members of society who were invited to distort notions of individuality and community and celebrate both the spectacular and the everyday in the spirit of creating a global community.

Through its initial archive on The Showroom website, it is now a more dynamic and focused presence VOV, Collective intimacy stands resonant at a time when activists and allies around the world are working against unrelenting racist violence. Given how the anti-racism movement and the COVID-19 pandemic have further exposed the previous struggles of the community and creators of culture, there is hope that this new digital context Collective intimacy extends its reach as a platform to connect and amplify countless voices.

In this new digital format, The Showroom is pleased to present an immersive archive of several originals Collective intimacy events, including: Phoebe Boswellband performances Lighthouse 1 and 2 with a sound ending by the author Landowner Thomas; Julianknxxvideo Roots for the crown With Thabo and Tawiah are the best; Andrew Pierre Hartvideo THE GRID IS ALWAYS DISPLAYING, Larry Amponsah‘S Looking for sugar in the ocean… Who’s the enemy? ; Thick/er black lines“(Rianna Jade Parker and Aurella Yussuf) projection Black British/Femme Filmmakers representing Ayo Akingbade, Cecile Emeke AND Emilia Mulenga; AND Nephertiti Oboshie SchandorfSound and image based meditation Lumen and a new performance video Temenos with a violinist Blaise Henry.